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Attorney in Covina, Tony J. Tyre

Don’t underestimate the important of a solid fool proof estate plan in place. Having no estate plan will cause unnecessary hardships for your family at a time when they can least afford it. Legal issues, court costs and family friction can quickly burn through any family assets an estate may have.

Our firm in Covina, CA knows the law and our attorneys led by Tony will work with you to insure your possessions are protected for your family’s future. Tony is a member of the State Bar of California and a member of the U.S. District Court, Central District of California. He practices in the following areas of the law: drafting trusts, wills, and other estate planning documents; trust administration; probate; civil law; and real estate. Tony is a native Angelino, who attended UCLA, earning a degree in English. Tony then attended Southwestern Law School, focusing on estate planning and tax law in Covina CA.

We can help you with common estate planning devices such as:

  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Advance Directive
  3. Conservatorship
  4. Living Trust
  5. Living Will
  6. Probate

The above need to link to pages that cover details on the topic listed – Kash

Our legal team in Covina will apply the detailed focus and dedication required to fulfilling the estate planning needs of our clients. Whether your personal situation is basic or more complex, we will take a personalized approach with living will, advance directive, legal trust, powers of attorney and other legal documents ideally suited to your estate planning. We answer questions punctually and clearly, and your satisfaction and peace of mind are the primary priorities.

Please contact us today for a FREE consultation on estate planning in Covina CA.

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