William C Mason III

Of Counsel – Attorney at Law

“Facts don’t care about your feelings”
– Ben Shapiro

First and foremost, I am a father of two wonderful (but ornery) toddlers. I have lived in Covina my entire life, and I plan on raising my children here as well. This community has treated me well—and I appreciate being given the opportunity to return the favor through the provision of our professional services.

Though I originally entered college as an art major (I thought I wanted to be an animator), studying philosophy and politics led me to abandon art and pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science—which I acquired from Cal Poly Pomona. The direct connection between philosophy, politics, and law led me to the next logical step—law school. Accordingly, I acquired my Juris Doctor from Western State University College of Law; and shortly thereafter I was admitted to California State Bar.

When not face deep in work, I can usually be found playing video games, singing karaoke, or yelling at my (adorable) kids to stop standing on the couch.