The holidays are here, and what does that mean? Soon you’ll be hearing people talking about their New Year’s resolutions. “I’m going to read at least one hour per day,” they’ll say. They’ll emphatically declare, “I’m going to work out more,” and “I’m going to eat better!” But let’s be honest—these types of resolutions require long-term commitment; and while enthusiasm initially runs high, ultimately, we tend to fall back into our old habits, and these current resolutions become the substance of next year’s promises.

But what if I told you that through one single commitment, realized through one single action, you could positively and permanently impact your life, as well as the lives of your spouse, children, and other loved ones?

“Lies!”, you will undoubtedly exclaim.

However, let me assure you, this is no mere fabrication. This year, resolve yourself to create a comprehensive estate plan. By doing so, you can—no, you will—provide you and your loved ones with the continuing peace of mind that you have properly prepared for the future.

“But William,” you say, “isn’t the process complicated?”

Once again, dear reader, I assure you that it’s not. We have extensive experience handling estates just like yours—and we pride ourselves in walking you through the entire process and educating you along the way so that you understand every step.

“But William,” you retort, “isn’t it expensive?”

To which I reply, dear reader: probate is expensive—an estate plan is priceless.

So again, I implore you, take control of your future and avail yourself of the peace of mind that comes with properly preparing for the future—because peace of mind is worth infinitely more than kale milkshakes and 10,000 sit-ups.