Tony recently worked with a client who wanted to ensure that as much of her estate was preserved as possible for her children – even though the client was living in an expensive skilled nursing facility. In this case, Tony and his team were able to transfer these client’s assets into a special irrevocable trust, then qualify the client for Medi-Cal coverage. Now, the client’s assets are protected in this special trust from Medi-Cal recovery, yet the client is receiving help with paying for her skilled nursing facility.

Tony enjoys working with probate clients. Probate is the process of going to court to move assets to either the deceased person’s heirs-at-law or the beneficiaries named in the deceased person’s will. Although losing a loved one is always difficult, Tony finds reward in helping his clients navigate the complicated probate court process and supporting his clients at a sensitive time in their lives.

Tony’s typical estate planning clients come into his office knowing little about “estate planning.” In this case, he tries to explain the major documents of estate planning – a revocable living trust, will, durable power of attorney, and advance health care directive – in a very simple, straight-forward fashion. These clients typically leave their first meeting empowered by the knowledge they have learned and excited about beginning the process of getting their estate planning documents in order.