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Attorney Tony J. Tyre Educates People on Essential Estate Planning Documents

They must avoid self-dealing by not deriving a personal gain in any way from his or her administration of the trust. For example, a successor trustee should not sell a piece of real property to himself or herself at a discount solely for the benefit of the successor trustee.

Tony J. Tyre Featured as ‘Go-To’ Estate Planning Attorney on ‘So, What’s Your Problem?’

So, What’s Your Problem?,” on 790 KABC, is hosted by Stan Katzer. The show features guest professionals, such as Tyre, who offer intelligent advice and have a laugh along the way. During his segment, Tyre answered questions concerning living trusts, wills, probate court, trust administration, conservatorships, and more. “Tony is a very formidable attorney,” said Katzer.

The most common example I hear is when people talk about wanting to name an ‘executor of my trust.’ The law has different names for different fiduciaries, who is the person that is named to ‘be in charge’ through an estate planning document.

Tony J. Tyre, Esq. was featured on KABC Radio’s “So What’s Your Problem?” on November 24, 2019
As heard on KABC Radio! Listen in to Tony here